Vegan canapés bursting with flavour Sunday - 16th February 2020

Every year the increase of veganism grows and awareness of sustainability is far more accessible than before. With that, there can be difficulty in knowing what to serve in terms of food especially if you are newly vegan or just trying to cater for all guests.

Delicious vegan food for all

Whether you work in events or you are hosting an at home party, it can be difficult to choose what canapés are needed to suit everyone. We have collected a few ideas that you can make for your next event and they are all completely vegan! They will suit everyone’s need whether they are vegan or not and they are bursting with fantastic flavour.

Variety of vegan delicacies

Vegan food doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have vegan replacements of certain meats and dairy. Although, the variety of vegan replacements have developed in taste over the years and we can be even more creative with our foods. Vegan cheese and meat has progressed in taste and texture, so you are able to create your favourite canapés that contain meat, and just swap for the vegan alternatives. There are also lots of flavours from vegetables and with the right seasoning you can make some beautiful dishes. If you are struggling for ideas, we have put together some inspiration for you. Why not try these at home or for your next event and make the perfect canapé alternatives.

Delicious Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are very easy to make, the only technical part is perfecting the wrap. With a little practice you will be able to create these in no time at all. Choose from your favourite vegetables for the filling and any brand of spring roll wrappers. This dish can be served cold like a wrap, or warm where they are fried. Any filling of your choice can be in the spring roll, so if you wish to put in some meatless meat you can create a range of flavours.

Mushroom Tartlets

The ingredients for this do include vegan butter and cheddar, if you wish to make them a vegetarian dish you can include the dairy option. You can also make your own bread for the base, or purchase some white sandwich bread. The base can also be used with a puff pastry just remember to check the ingredients for both.

Cook mushrooms and the other fillings you require in a pan, seasoned with garlic, fresh thyme, salt and pepper. Cut the bread, to fit into a tartlet based baking tin, and with the butter side faced up. Put the filling on top, sprinkled with vegan cheese and bake on a high heat for 10-15 minutes.

Carrot and Cream Cheese

Smoked salmon and cream cheese are a favourite canapé at events, however there are tasty alternatives. So that you can keep that party all vegan if you wanted, or provide an option for those at the party. Carrot is a great alternative as this absorbs flavour easily, as well as providing a similar texture.

Cut or “ribbon” carrots so that they are thinly sliced, and put in 500ml of boiling salted water. Add Lapsang Souchong tea bags to the water, as these provide a smoky taste to the carrot. Take the water off the heat and leave to cool to then strain the carrot and pat to dry.

Spread the vegan cream cheese on sliced baguette toast and add the carrot on top. This is an alternative to smoked salmon and cream cheese on toast, which is perfect for light bites for an event.

Choosing to provide vegan food can be difficult as there may not be as many ideas. Although if you think a little outside the box you can create some amazing canapés that everyone will enjoy. Even keeping it simple and providing what you would with meat, but opt for vegan meat instead. If you season well there are no limits to what can be created. Keep everyone happy and try out these vegan ideas at your next event.