About the White Label

Passion, kindness and commitment underpin the core values of our company and the environment that we operate in as a team. Our staff, whether it be the directors, event planners, chefs, waiting staff or kitchen porters, work closely together to ensure that we provide a seamless service in an elegant, subtle and efficient manner.

Our Values

  • Passion

    The White Label are passionate about providing excellent service, delicious food and flawless event design. We love what we do and this is reflected on all of our events.


    We only employ the best people to ensure that we deliver the highest standards of quality and service. With our proficient attention to detail, your guests will always have an unforgettable experience.


    Our team very much consider one another to be family and everyone always supports each other wherever necessary to make sure that every event is a success.


    We constantly strive to find new ways to do things, whether this be in the interests of the environment or simply a new event concept.


    Our creative team pride themselves on offering unique event concepts and inspiring menus. All of our dinner menus are tailored to each individual client and you will never receive a generic menu from us.


    We deeply care about the environment we operate in and continuously look for new materials or ways we can run our business whilst protecting the planet. This isn’t an easy task, but we always do our best to make the world a greener place.


  • James Symington


    Passionate about offering good service and understanding his clients, James co-founded The White Label after twenty years as a 24/7 events professional in London. Likeable, charming and attentive, James will plan and execute your event with skill, professionalism and charisma. His experience, combined with a strong client empathy, make him a pleasure to work with.

  • Cris Macis


    Menu creation and bespoke food design are one thing but being able to expertly deliver a menu as promised at the tasting is a skill few London chefs have. As co-founder of The White Label and Director of Food, Cris goes beyond the brief and consistently exceeds clients’ expectations. From the moment you meet Cris, you will always feel assured that your event is in safe hands.

  • Nicholas Le Gal

    HEAD OF Event Design

    With his creative flair, charisma and passion for event design, Nicholas brings a unique energy to The White Label. He will listen intently to your brief and then dedicate himself to skilfully producing the detailed plans that will turn your dream event into a reality. Nicholas’ contagious joie de vivre, combined with his meticulous eye for detail, will ensure your event is nothing but spectacular.