Postponing your Event? Here is What you Should Do Next Thursday - 30th April 2020

It is not ideal to postpone or cancel any event. However, in these unprecedented times, you might have to. No matter the effort you have put into an event, it might be time to make the right decision and move it. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is meaning that events are being postponed everywhere, and we are making sure that we are supporting our clients at this time.

Postponing is stressful. We understand that there is a lot to consider when a large, or even a small-sized event, must be resituated. Yet, while it may initially feel like the worst possible outcome, there could be positives, and there are things you should do to make sure your future event will not be impacted.

Things You Will Need to Act-On

Postponing the event means that you the catering, music or external companies you have hired might become unavailable or problematic. However, this is not always the case. You should be swift in communicating with these vendors, checking their current policies, their ability to reschedule, and any price changes or hidden fees this could incur. While we are all feeling the impacts of COVID-19, we must be understanding of companies that revolve around seasonality. The likelihood is if you are understanding and prompt, reorganisation can be swifter - and we also advise that if you can pay in the same calendar year as you were previous, this could also be enticing to vendors to stick with you. Venues can be more troublesome. If you have already paid full fees, it is unlikely that you will be offered a refund, if you have taken out insurance for your event, communicate and check details with your insurer. Again, most policies did not include details of a virus outbreak, so each policy differs in its treatment.
When organising another date, we advise going through vendors to check all available dates before confirming with your venue. This way, you will be a le to reorganise everything more effectively logistically.

What You Will Have

More Time

You might have thought of everything to the last detail, and for this we applaud you, but this is cannot always be a reality for every event organiser. More time can be a blessing which will ensure that you have thought and prepared down to the last minutiae of the day. Last-minute ideas can now become your newest revelation, and you can easily weave them into the day, evening or night. Revisit the wish list of the event to see if you can include any desires that you wanted. Those added months provide the opportunity to conduct further research, and it offers the chance to work on new ideas and themes that will engage your guests. Reflect on the event objectives; now is the time to perfect your offering.

Better Budget

Whether you or your company is covering the costs of the event, postponing gives you more time to save. Even if you have paid for the entire thing, there is a chance to save a little bit extra for either yourself or for added favourites that you may have wanted.

The Guest List

It can be difficult to know if those that have said they are coming can make the new date. Providing you give plenty of notice, you can expect your guests to be available. There may also be new guests as those that could not make the original date can now make the new one. With the added time to save, you may even be able to invite more people.

During these troubling times, postponing your event is the best thing to do. It can be scary and frustrating, and we understand the amount of time and effort you may have spent. Leaving something last minute might cause more aggravation in the long run. Especially if your event is close approaching. Keep up communication with vendors, venue and keep a close eye on news sources you trust. Do not leave cancellations to the last minute as this is likely to result in more problems. If there is anything we can assist you with at this time, do get in touch.